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Managed Wi-Fi

3 easy ways to improve your customer experience.

Our Managed Wi-Fi solution will help you entertain your clients, promote your business and better understand your customers with Wi-Fi usage analytics. Watch our videos for more details:

Entertain your customers while they wait.

Due to the pandemic, customers are waiting in line more than ever before. Managed Wi-Fi lets your customers enjoy free and stable access to the Internet while they wait, and also provides a separate secure network for your employees.

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Display your promotions and safety measures.

Your Managed Wi-Fi splash page can be customized. When your customers log in, the first thing they’ll see is what your business wants them to see. You can choose the first website they’ll land on, so they see the products and services that your business needs to promote, and your safety measures too.

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Understand your customers with analytics.

Monitor customer behaviour online, such as usage times, number of connected users and returning users. Leverage that data to better understand and improve your business operations, for example, you can use it to build out your staff schedule.

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Learn about the other benefits that Managed Wi-Fi brings to your business:

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Get 3 months of free Business Internet with Managed Wi-Fi.

For a limited time, if you combine Managed Wi-Fi with Business Internet you’ll get your first 3 months of Business Internet for free.

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Current as of September 1, 2020 and offered for a limited time to new customers with a 3-year commitment and existing customers renewing their commitment for 3 years with a Managed Wi-Fi bundle. Managed Wi-fi must be combined to a Business Internet package with a minimum speed of 120 Mbps. The rebate will be applied on the first 3 months of the new agreement or renewals on Internet monthly net cost.